I’m bored. The kind of bored where lots of things sound like fun but you can’t commit yourself, and you really just wish that some significant warmth came with all this sunshine so you could just spend the day sitting in the grass reading. But really it’s still February and cold. The kind of bored where you don’t really want to do anything productive. Where you want to hang out with your sister in a coffee shop but she’s not answering her phone because (in order of likelihood) a) it’s noon and she’s still asleep b) her work schedule changed or c) she can’t hear her phone ring. Where you have all this excess energy on account of going for a run this morning. Where you want to do everything at once (read, get some work done, bake, listen to music, knit, walk, talk, drink coffee) or nothing at all (apparently). Where you could make lunch and some chocolate pecan cupcakes, but maybe you want to do something else first.

Ah, the boredom of the overprivileged is rearing its ugly head.