Naturally, as soon as I have the first half of a batch of chocolate pecan cupcakes in the oven I want to leave. the. house. now. Suddenly I’m convinced that the sunshine is actually making things warm and I should be strolling down the street under a leafy canopy of trees, letting my pale arms absorb some sunshine as I hum a cheerful tune.

Oh wait. It’s still too cold for that. I could stroll down the street under a rustly canopy of bare branches, huddled in my sweater and perhaps a light jacket and letting my two square inches of exposed skin absorb the sunshine.

Lately I’ve been missing the games that you play as a kid. I would love to put on some ratty sneakers and old jeans and play freeze tag until I dropped. You know? Just run and run and run and play. The other day I was walking to the yarn store* and saw a couple boys playing hide & seek in the field outside the middle school. Except, you know, it’s a field. With a couple trees on one side. That’s it. So one boy takes off running across the field, jumps up in a tree, and hides in the fork. The other one finishes counting and takes a look around. Clearly the hiding places are, um, limited, so he heads towards the trees. Basically the game takes as long as it takes two boys to run across a field. And I think, fun!

I clearly need to get out more. But, there will be no painting with my teeth. Ever.

Basically I’m just typing while I wait for the cupcakes to cool enough to take out of the tin. I don’t really have an agenda here.

This morning, over an apple pancake and the world’s best cup of coffee, Katy asked what I would do if I were on Lost and only had a couple books with me. I love any question that starts with “what would you do if you were on Lost and…” I think my answer was “go slowly insane. Or memorize the books and start an oral tradition for the island.” We also discussed not being able to read vs not being able to write (using up all the paper). I think I would do better with reading material and no writing material. Because I can write pretty well in my head. I do it a lot in the car, compose little essays. I love having writing to flip back through, or sending letters or what have you, but I believe true insanity would come from being deprived of the visual stimulation of reading. Especially if I were stuck with a group of people like on Lost – reading would be the source of all privacy.

Wanna come over for a cupcake?

*Don’t I sound all energetic and sporty today? All this talk of games and running and walking to the yarn store? I’m just bursting with fitness and good health! And cupcakes!