A desperate need has come upon me to rearrange. Oh, the glory that is rearranging. In lieu of having actual money to redecorate, I learned this skill at my mother’s knee. Well, she didn’t do a whole lot of rearranging. It was probably mostly me. The same member of the family who obsessively arranged Christmas and Easter decorations JUST SO. Who could spend hours arranging the knickknacks on her dresser or changing the layout of her sock drawer. What, your sock drawer doesn’t have a layout? Horrors!

Anyway, I want the house to look different. I don’t know what to do with it. My boredom has left my body and become embedded in the walls and furniture. Also, I’ve had too much coffee. Katy left the house walking like a little bent old lady because her thighs hurt from running. She claims it doesn’t hurt as much if she doesn’t walk heel-toe and instead does a flat-footed bent-leg walk, slightly hunched over. I wish I’d taken a picture before she headed off like that towards the post office. Sadly I must now go to work and try to harness the effects of caffeine into productivity.

Also, I must add that the greatest point of curiousity in my life at the moment is what Q’s sibling will be named. I’m unlikely to have an answer until days after this individual is birthed, likely in May. How do you top Q? And how will I live with the suspense?