I finally got around to spending the Christmas check from my aunt (I guess that means I should finally send a thank you, huh?) And what did I spend it on?

buttery yellow goodness

I blame Katy entirely for this new ebay addiction. Well, not quite an addiction yet. But the bad thing about it is that winning one thing makes me want to bid on more things. A Christmas check only covers one pair.

I was planning on getting a nice, beautiful but sensible color but I thought what the hell. Yellow is fun. I will become one of those funky people who makes unusual shoes go with everything. They will be heaven with my blue and yellow and green striped knee socks.

(I think I’ve pretty much guaranteed that my brother will be bored/disgusted with my blog, yes?)

Now, as a little reward to myself for my new shoes, I shall sweep the floor! Oh! the joy.*

*Saying this makes me want to take a little trip to the coast, because I always think of William Clark and his “Ocian in view! O! the joy.” Which is maybe my favorite exclamation in all of history.