1. You know the point when you’ve had just about a tablespoon too much coffee? But it hits you too late and so you keep drinking anyway?

2. I want a recipe for delicious lemony muffins. I made some out of The Enchanted Broccoli Forest yesterday, and they were good but not very lemony and more nutritious/snacky with the whole wheat flour and all. I recommend them but I don’t adore them. Muffins should be adored.

3. I’ve had Arthur and George out of the library for two weeks now and was slowly making my way through it, but I knew it was due today and there are holds on it so my one goal for the week was to finish it. And I did. I’m patting myself on the back. I can’t decide how much I liked it – I went back and forth between utter absorption and dusty boredom.

4. We’re going a little crazy with the lacto-fermentation here. Katy’s got some links and all for you, and I’m going to report back once we start consuming these various beverages and yogurts, but here’s what I think of when I see the little jar of kefir fermenting away on the counter.