Update: I put The King of Attolia on hold on Monday morning, at the county in which I live but do not work. In Jessmonster’s Vision of the Way Things Should Work, that book would’ve been in transit to me by Tuesday. At the latest. When I checked online Tuesday morning, there was no transit. I know what we do in my county – if the book is available, it will be in transit after a day – so I got very self-righteous and called the nearest branch with a copy available, to make sure it was actually on the shelf and have put it aside for me.

(I will now proceed to whine about things that I don’t really care about.)

They’ve got one of those phone systems where it says things like, “for spanish, press one (except in Spanish), to be transferred to the central reference line, press two, for hours and location, press three, if you are calling from a rotary phone, or to be transferred to a real live person at this library, please stay on the line.” Then, the message repeats itself. And a third time. And finally you get transferred. I hate phone systems like that.

So a nice friendly person answered the phone and I gave my little on top of things speech: “Hi, I’m wondering if you can pull a book and hold it for me? It’s The King of Attolia, by Turner. Yes, Turner, Megan Whalen. You have it filed in teen fiction. Thanks.” I hold. She comes back. “It’s actually called The Queen of Attolia,” she says.

Um, no. I know what the book is called, thank you very much. There’s a little thing called sequels. So I drive to the lovely little library – actually a gorgeous, new little library with a nifty parking garage underneath. And then? Then I finish the book in twenty-four hours.

New topic! I am generally unable to make or eat breakfast until I clean the kitchen. I can be starving and crying out for a cup of coffee, but first I must unload the dishwasher and wash the soup pot and reassemble the blender and wipe down the counters. I don’t have the same compulsion to clean up after myself – I can put that off – which is really unfortunate because it would save me a lot of time in the mornings. Oh well.