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I was thinking about calling in sick* today so that I could go to pre-sanc** and lo, someone thought it would be SO funny to give me a nasty sore throat. So a “sick day” isn’t quite as much fun if you’re actually not feeling well. But well worth it. This is the time of year when I truly despise my work schedule. I have an abiding fondness for pre-sancs – their Lentenness – and my work schedule would allow me go to, oh, none of them. I am justified in my skipping work.

I’m turning over ideas for a post about fasting – mostly to answer the question “why?” which I’ve never thoroughly thought out for myself. The answer comes to me in bits and pieces each year. Maybe I don’t really need to know exactly why. We just do. (Except for, um, that chicken broth that I put in the lentil soup today. Better to break the fast than to pour good chicken broth down the drain, eh?) Anyway, one of these days.

*Is it okay to fake sick so you can go to church?

**Officially known as the Liturgy of the Pre-Sanctified Gifts, but pre-sanc is so much snappier.

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