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…on your couch, with a cold whose symptoms I will not bore you with, might I recommend that you watch The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie? I just might. I got it on Bronwen’s recommendation (and really, stuff like this is why we are friends) and thank the good Lord that I saved it for today. I do have to confess that I haven’t read the book yet, may great shame fall upon me – I’m a stickler for reading the book first. But rest assured that it shall be in my hands soon.

Also, a moment of drama in my dull life: I’m housesitting (or rather, catsitting) and last night I went to let them in after a day of wandering the wilds of suburbia. One came in like a good little Pepper, but Pixie – oh, she was a troublemaker and wouldn’t come in. Fine, I thought, let her spend the night outside and see what she thinks of that! This morning, still no sign. But a persistent and devastating mewing noise came from the neighbor’s yard. So I called the neighbor (who I’d been informed was a “widow,” and was surprised to find rather sprightly and sassy rather than ancient and white-haired) who said she hadn’t seen the cat but also heard mewing. So I went over and poked around, and lo and behold, the cat had managed to get into the widow’s shed and been shut in. The indignant (although it was her own damn fault) Pixie then retired to home and her food dish. Thank goodness, because I was dreading that “um, your cat disappeared and might be dead” phone call.

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