I don’t know how it happened, but sometime last night, when I wasn’t sleepy because I’d slept in so late because I’d been up half the night trying to breathe through my nose, I got caught up on my bloglines. I don’t know about you, but my bloglines usually looks like my email inbox and my desk – lots of unread stuff that I haven’t gotten around to. Want to read it someday, just not today. But then, maybe because not many people post on the weekend, or because I don’t have energy to do much besides read (books or blogs), I hit refresh and got that magic sentence: “0 Updated Feeds.” I don’t think it’s ever said that before. So then I got all crazy-like and went and updated my blogroll. Took off the people who don’t post anymore, added some that I’ve been reading lately. Work in progress.

I’ve been thinking about how I need to get my taxes done and how annoying that is. Not that I have to pay taxes, although I don’t exactly leap for joy about it, but the process. The headache, the trying to figure it out yourself or paying someone else to do it. Why does it have to be so elaborate? Plus, I found out last year that since I don’t own a house, any charitable donations don’t help me any. What a way to inspire young, poor people to give money. Not like that stops me from donating, but it would’ve been a nice little perk.

PS – Book Report.

I finished The Accidental – the end was slightly redeeming to the book as a whole, but not quite enough to make me recommend it. One of the things that kept me going was the very cheery author photo. She didn’t look like someone who was messing around with form just for the hell of it or deliberately torturing readers. I just…didn’t like any of the characters. Until the very very end. And I enjoyed it more when I was sick than when I was well. So…

I put a couple books on hold from the Powell’s Tournament of Books list – Never Let Me Go and The History of Love – and they came in on Saturday when I was at the library, but I left them in my basket to take home on Sunday because my bag was already jam-packed (as usual) but then of course I called in sick on Sunday. So I thought I’d read through the other things languishing on my shelf, but of course now that I don’t have any, I’m in the mood for a proper grown-up novel. But not enough, apparently, to make an extra non-work trip to the library. Instead I’ve been reading The Silver Spoon of Solomon Snow (which is decent but not absorbing) and Home Cooking (per BabelBabe‘s recommendation) (which is lovely but not, you know, fiction. Plus, she keeps making asides about the evils of animal fats or ‘don’t serve this to your cardiologist’ and I now know that I’ve been indoctrinated into the world of Nourishing Traditions because please! Give it a rest!)

PPS: Digging GoogleMars. I’m sure Joe is all “geez, it took you that long to notice it?” because he’s Mr. GoogleEarth. But whatever.