I was going to get all fancy with this week’s Show & Tell and buy some fancy schmancy chocolates at the Four Seasons and sample them and declare one the winner, perhaps in the style of the Tournament of Books, because that would involve a lot of chocolate and a lot of chocolate is a good thing. And since every has been raving about the glories of Green & Black’s, my heart was set. I noticed their baking chocolate and cocoa in the baking aisle last time I was the Four Seasons, so I was reasonably confident that I would come home with at least one flavor.

Sadly, that was it. Baking chocolate. And while I’ll gnaw my way through just about any chocolate bar, it just didn’t seem right to start my relationship with G&B’s off that way. So instead I present to you one of my old favorites, the Kinder Bueno.

It’s cheap in Europe but the prices are all jacked up here, and if I’m going to pay more than a dollar for a candy bar, it had better be good quality. Kinder Bueno is a nice comfort chocolate, delicious half-melted or chilled. Or, if you insist, at room temperature. Chocolate coating, crispy shell, creamy hazelnut filling.

Now I just have to figure out where to find more Green & Black’s…