I’m finding the sewing machine quite addicting. But, like any drug, there are the downsides, my frequent battles with the bobbin, the breaking of threads, the getting the pins caught in my blouse as the fabric whips through. It’s easy sewing, just long straight lines. I pick up a row of squares, do a visual check to make sure I’m not screwing up the pattern, line up the edges neatly, pin every couple squares to keep things steady, roll up the finished rows so they don’t drag on the not-quite-clean floor, pull the pedal back towards me (I’m in a constant struggle with it to keep it in just the right spot), flip the foot down, and hope for the best. I’m not really caring if the corners aren’t neat. The blues and greens and browns are soothing and make me want to take a nap with it.

My main problem is that I’m so easily distracted. I’m used to multi-tasking – having a snack, listening to music, flipping back and forth between email and blogs, getting up to clean for a minute, sitting down with a cup of tea, picking up a book – it’s heard to just sew. I could listen to music or my book on tape, but once I start a seam I’m in the zone and can’t really hear it above the machine. But as soon as that row is sewn on – I have to get up, move around, have a bite of chocolate, write a little blog entry…

Oh, and I finally caved in to the whole flicker thing, and it’s down at the bottom of my sidebar. Templates are like a maze to me and that was the only spot I felt safe sticking it without messing the whole thing up.