Yesterday was one of those days that started out in an excellent fashion – sunshine and walks in the park and finishing the quilt top and going to the fabric store to indulge in more gorgeous colors. And then work, which wasn’t so bad at first, with cupcakes I made for a coworker’s birthday and daylight savings, loathsome though it may be, providing more light to stream through the skylights and light up the warehouse. And I had plans to head over to my cousins, where it would be a regular cousin-fest with even more cousins in from out of town, and dinner to look forward to. And then I was overcome by raging PMS and my complete inability to solve a complicated timecard mess (even though I’ve been shown how several times, and each time it makes sense until I actually try to fix a real one) and the fact that the minutes were ticking past and I still had work to finish and it was already 9:30 and I just wanted to GO. So I rushed through the last bit of work, didn’t clean up after myself, stormed to the bathroom to change into my civvies (ie, out of the uniform), stormed to my car, laden with my (previously containing cupcakes) Pyrex which I was sure I would drop in the parking lot and watch it shatter into a million pieces.

I was shaking with fury (who knows at what? that doesn’t matter) and not feeling terribly social, but I thought I’d do a drive by and see if my parents’ cars were still outside my cousins, it being now 10pm. They were, and all the lights were on, so I went in and my almost-seven cousin pulled me aside to play a game he’d made in school, which he rigged so that we tied instead of me losing. Then he offered me a choice of prizes: a shell with small change in it, a wallet with assorted papers, or a plastic box that had something to do with plastic fish. I don’t know. I said I’d decide after I ate, and went to devour a plate of tamales. And all was well with the universe again.

Except for the incredibly freakish and disturbing dreams I had, which involved dead bodies, decapitated antelope (you were responsible for that part, Di), and spending the night in the library as a flood raged outside.