The people were a hungered, and their stomachs didst cry out, and they said to themselves, let us go out and procure the fruits of the earth for the days that are to come, the days in which our stomachs shall be satisfied. And lo, they didst rise up and go to the grocery stores, which did yield forth their fruit in good season. Firstly the Trader Joe’s, source of moderately priced cheeses, of provolone and cream and mozzarella, of butter and buttermilk, of heavy whipping cream and cream for coffee. Yea, it did yield also the fruits of the earth, spinach and cantaloupe. From thence they went forth to the New Seasons, which also in its turn did produce rich rewards. The chicken legs were laid out and weighed, even unto four pounds, and the bacon unto half a pound. The freezer cases poured forth puff pastry and the people did rejoice. The pints of strawberries were numerous, from generation to generation. The coffee aisle, source of joy, rained Batdorf & Bronson upon the heads of the believers. And they didst rejoice, they and their growling stomachs, for the feast that is to come.