I just saw that Sal tagged me…and since I haven’t done one of these in a while (and it’s delightfully loose-ended), here goes.

Six Strange Things

1. Most years during Lent I have huge cravings for eggs. This year I’m fantacizing about deviled eggs, something I’ve never craved before.

2. I was raised in a cult. But that’s old news.

3. I used to sing songs from musicals to put myself (and my sister) to sleep. She would make requests. We had a special fondness for Man of La Mancha. If I’d been my mom, I would’ve been dying of laughter in the next room.

4. I clear my throat a lot. Tiny little clears that don’t really do anything. Kate likes to point it out to me. I can’t stop.

5. I will recognize you as a kindred spirit immediately if you are willing to split dishes when out for brunch – one eggy dish and one pancake-y dish – because I find it impossible to decide between the two brunch genres.

6. After being known for the way I squeeze out my teabags thoroughly, I now feel guilty on the occasions when I fail to do so.

You – you out there. Yeah, the one snickering at me. I tag you.