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I had this weird spell of nausea this morning which compelled me to curl up in a blanket on the couch saying, “this will pass” and wondering if it was a psychosomatic manifestation of all the little things I’d woken up worrying about. I pulled out my book, thinking it would distract me from my woes. Naturally I was just at the part in A Thread of Grace where the German doctor is confessing to the priest about all the atrocities he’s participated in and one feels overwhelmed by the magnitude of the evils people bring on each other and THEN of course the doctor becomes nauseated himself and throws up. You know, basically the perfect thing to read at the moment. So I shut the book and shut my eyes and proceeded to imitate Mollie and powernap.

Which got rid of my nausea problem but for some reason wasn’t very effective with the needing to replace the battery in my car problem. Which, why not? Why can’t napping solve problems like that? I keep making tiny gestures in the direction of getting a new battery, like going to the auto parts store and saying, “this is the kind of car I have and this is the kind of battery currently in it, please sell me a new one so my car will start again.” And they say, “there are several kinds, we would need to test them in your car” and I feel reluctant to have my car towed anywhere (towed! because of a battery!) but is that what needs to happen? And the people I call who are mechanics or aspiring mechanics do not return my phone calls. Oh well. Maybe another nap would do the trick? Or a walk to the grocery store for some oranges?

Q is skeptical.

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