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Currently 91 degrees. Finishing up a batch of potato salad with buttermilk dressing (making it, not eating it). Windows are closed, blinds are down, I’m pretending it’s not really this hot outside and that I don’t have to presently put on a polyester outfit and drive to work. And SHORTS. They are so embarrassing, but to not wear them is foolish when I get to work in a stuffy warehouse.

And I am all into A Thread of Grace.

The end.

for my mom. it’s too bad I don’t have any of the pictures of my dad as a baby because I am the spitting image. scary. Posted by Picasa

Confession from yesterday: the flowers I gave my mom came from work and were completely free. The one perk from working the manic Saturday before Mother’s Day. We were awash in flowers.

Chicken basil sausages cooked on the grill. Potato salad. Desserts from Papa Haydn. Being teased by my family for dropping lemon tart on my skirt. Looking at old family photos for the hundredth time and talking about who got which nose and whose coloring and whose arms. Whose ARMS! Our gratitude for escaping great-great-grandmother Dora’s nose. This is how my family spends the evening.

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