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Sal tagged me, and since she’s irresistable, here goes:

I AM: creaky in my joints like a little old woman.

I WANT: a massage. Pure and simple.

I WISH: cups of coffee stayed hot while I write letters.

I HATE: my uniform shorts with their lovely rubbery waistband.

I MISS: taking the train from London to tramp around England.

I FEAR: I am not as clean and tidy as I’d like to think I am.

I HEAR: cars. And, if I lift my finger to turn it back on, the melodious voice of Josh Ritter.

I WONDER: what Q’s sibling – no, SISTER – will be named.

I REGRET: not eating more cheese when I was in France and more gelato when I was in Italy.

I AM NOT: good on the phone.

I DANCE: best in my own living room.

I SING: along in a nutty voice.

I CRY: over books.

I AM NOT ALWAYS: right. I know, shocking, isn’t it?

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: half-finished quilts, hats that don’t fit, and cookies.

I WRITE: letters sitting on the couch.

I CONFUSE: myself.

I NEED: lunch.

I SHOULD: turn the music back up after I turned it down to answer my phone & get baby news.

I START: cleaning and get distracted.

I FINISH: anything chocolate.

How is it that I have the energy to get up, go for a three mile walk with a dog pulling at my arm, unload the dishwasher, reload it, sweep the kitchen floor (okay, it’s about two square feet, but still), clean off the counters, and fix breakfast, but then I can’t manage to pry myself off the chair to go take a shower? Eh.

I finished A Thread of Grace a couple days ago, and I think my favorite part about it (and this will sound so so wrong) was the way she killed off characters. But you know? Some books set during wars are so predictable. The sweetheart will be killed, but not till close to the end. It will all build up to it. Like Cold Mountain (which I also happened to love) where you KNOW he will die – but of course not until the end. But in this one, you’d get an air raid and a stray bullet and torture and what have you – all spread out. Characters you were attached to and others that were on the side. Characters you thought would pull through. But real life isn’t as well plotted, usually, as fiction – and that made the deaths feel so much more real. Also, I was pleased to see how much foul Italian language I remember.

Now I’m on to Human Croquet, which, I feel, should have a cover that has something to do with croquet. I like Kate Atkinson’s wandery feel and her sense of time.

It is also time for Baby Watch 2006 – three women from church about to pop. As of yesterday, there were increased rumors of Q’s mama being in labor. However, God only knows how much time will pass between the appearance of an actual baby and any phone calls to let people know. They might wait days just to torture us. I want to get my hands on that baby.

Also, I have Pomp & Circumstance stuck in my head and I would like to share it with you. No thanks necessary.

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