Sal tagged me, and since she’s irresistable, here goes:

I AM: creaky in my joints like a little old woman.

I WANT: a massage. Pure and simple.

I WISH: cups of coffee stayed hot while I write letters.

I HATE: my uniform shorts with their lovely rubbery waistband.

I MISS: taking the train from London to tramp around England.

I FEAR: I am not as clean and tidy as I’d like to think I am.

I HEAR: cars. And, if I lift my finger to turn it back on, the melodious voice of Josh Ritter.

I WONDER: what Q’s sibling – no, SISTER – will be named.

I REGRET: not eating more cheese when I was in France and more gelato when I was in Italy.

I AM NOT: good on the phone.

I DANCE: best in my own living room.

I SING: along in a nutty voice.

I CRY: over books.

I AM NOT ALWAYS: right. I know, shocking, isn’t it?

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: half-finished quilts, hats that don’t fit, and cookies.

I WRITE: letters sitting on the couch.

I CONFUSE: myself.

I NEED: lunch.

I SHOULD: turn the music back up after I turned it down to answer my phone & get baby news.

I START: cleaning and get distracted.

I FINISH: anything chocolate.