Last night there was thunder, and then it sprinkled, and then lots of lightning, and a bit more rain, and we picked up Annie to go out for dessert, and then somewhere on Burnside it felt like the car was hit by a tsunami. We could barely see out the windows, the streets were enormous puddles with water leaping up onto the sidewalks, sheets of water were pouring off the buildings. And we were all wearing skirts and our most un-sensible shoes. I always wear sensible shoes. For some reason, I thought last night would be a good time to break in the wedding shoes. Thankfully it slowed to a heavy rain by the time we got to Kitri’s apartment, but she did get her toes gritty in the process of leaping across the broad river that was the gutter. It was like the Oregon Trail game, where you have to ford the river and lose two oxen, a wagon, three sacks of flour, and one small child.

Today the house smells of wet dog and presently Annie will come over and we’ll go for coffee and perhaps discuss further plans for our naming business. As Annie said, we’ll have a cozy office with tea and I shall read aloud from the Prologue while Annie takes notes. Splendid.

Also, the rain just makes me want to curl up on the couch with a book. It’s the perfect thing for a rainy day.