I’m thinking of taking up Kate’s challenge with the scones and testing out a recipe of my own – hers were indeed too much on the cakey side. Naturally, like Kate I’ve been reading recipe reviews on Epicurious. Does anyone actually follow the recipe? Is that a fad that’s gone by the wayside? Do we all just look up recipes online so that we can make something totally different but review that recipe anyway? I’m thinking of making these. But, I’m going to completely change all the flavorings – perhaps turn them into a mascarpone cheese torte instead, with essence of orange flavored cranberry and lime drizzled over the top. And instead of using half and half, I’ll use orange juice. Instead of flour, I will decimate a young coconut and use my teeth to combine it with the butter.

In all seriousness, though, my favorite review is the one that says, “the only thing I did was change the half and half to non-fat half and half because everyone was talking about how fattening it was.”

Excuse me while I piece back together my exploded brain.

1) Non-fat half and half. Such a thing cannot possibly exist, can it? If you take out the “half” that is cream, you are left with just milk. It would be like non-fat milk. The definition, the very essence of half and half is the FAT. It is there for a reason. First, milkfat is delicious. Second, it is useful to our bodies.

2) Do not eat a scone if you are worried about the fat content. In fact, if you’re going to try subsisting on low fat anything, you might as well just die now and get it over with. Okay?