I really should go to bed but instead I’m watching Empire Records. Apparently we are special fans because this is the Special Fan Edition. I’d forgotten how much time they spend dusting the place. Oh, it’s so high school (not the dusting, the whole thing).

Damn the man.

I finished Human Croquet. Now I want to play human croquet, although we don’t have enough people. Pity. Maybe Monday. (Which, according to the news, should be “dry enough for a barbecue!” You know you’re in Portland when that’s the leading story.)

Now I’m trying The Eyre Affair. I’ve got Summerland and Headlong waiting for me on the shelf.

Coming up: Jessmonster has a weekend! A whole two days in a row off! Sunday AND Monday! My only weekend until…oh, God knows when. Maybe August when I get a week’s vacation. I’m gonna celebrate by 1) hitting the open road 2) catching up with the girls and 3) eating turkey & giving thanks with my family. Wrong holiday? No. It’s just the 4th Annual Turkey Dinner in May.