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I find it so much easier to blog when my life is boring. When I start doing things like going out of town for the weekend, I lose the ability to blog. I mean, who wants to read and me & my friends sitting around having a good time?

Based on the pictures, you would think that the weekend was spent crafting wedding invitations.

Dear Lis is one of the FOUR people I know getting married this August. Remember how I said that no one else I know can get married this August? And how there were three friends getting married? Now there are four. I’m serious now.

But, it turns out I’m an excellent paper folder. It’s all those years of library volunteer work. It was very satisfying to fold & glue and chat with Miss August Fifth, seen here with the fruits of our labor:

After the invitations came a by-the-seat-of-our-pants batchelorette party for Miss August Fifth and Miss August Tenth that involved being the youngest people in a bar, dancing to a cover band and rocking out in a style unusual for us as a gang. Then we stayed up till 4 am, with both batchelorettes 100% sober.

When we get together for these holiday weekend reunions, we tend to go to the grocery store a LOT. At least twice a day. The local Safeway saw quite a bit of us this weekend. There was the time when Lis chatted up the cute little old men veterans handing out fake poppies. The time when Laurel bought Kleenex just because she needed $50 in cash. The time when we couldn’t find the bubbly water for Laurel. The time we actually bought food for dinner (nachos, tomato soup, salad). The time we couldn’t find film for Laurel. Well, it just took a while.

There was also the incident with the broken glass. See, Toni broke a glass. And we thought she cleaned it up. But what she really did (this was around 3 am) was carry it to the garbage can and sprinkle tiny shards on the rug in front of her sink. So that when I did the dishes the next morning, I kept stepping on glass. So Lis swept. And I kept stepping on it. And then we figured it out.

Then I drove home on Monday and lo, the sun came out and it was beautiful. And there was a turkey dinner at my parents, with a vat of mashed potatoes and a crock pot of gravy. And it was good.

And there was much wine, and many side dishes, and three birthday cakes, and one birthday pie.

And a Western Hero Indian Warrior Set, which I modeled. The end.

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