This morning in the shower I was thinking about Q & her new sister and feeling that very special kind of emotional that goes along with inhaling ice cream bars and craving chocolate and inexplicable tears and irritability. And I was trying to picture her, this new person who exists but because I haven’t met her yet, it’s like she doesn’t really exist yet to me.

And when I got out of the shower my phone was ringing and (after a little heavy breathing and some thumps) it was Q asking in her goofy little voice, “would you like to come over to my house and play?” So I said yes, and we chatted, and I said I’d be over soon, and asked to talk to her mom, at which point she hung up on me.

So I went over and Katy was surprised to see me because apparently she hadn’t been paying attention to what Q was asking me, and oh my God there was the tiniest little dark haired girl curled up in Katy’s arm. And she has no quirky letters in her name, like Q, so we’ll just call her by her first initial – M.

Q said, “do you want to go to someone’s room and play?” And I said, “sure, whose room should we go to?” And she said, “oh…mine?” So we did. And I presented her with Charlie Needs a Cloak, which features some hilarious sheep and is an old favorite. And then I wrenched M’s name from her mother (you’d think she didn’t want to name the child) and M turned to stare at me and pucker up her mouth and I fell in love. And Q pressed herself against the screen door as I drove away. She’s still my first love.

No pictures yet, but later I’m sure.