“I want Ken Rawlings to walk in here right now and say ‘Pam Short’s broken both her legs, and I want to dance with you!'”*

Sorry, that came out of nowhere. Kate asked what I wanted, and the whole thing played through my head.

I haven’t been very bloggity lately, although I’m sure I could dig up some gems of blog fodder if I tried. I’ve just been too busy being a mean girlfriend. It’s time-consuming, don’t you know. I’ve got lots of catching up to do.

Yesterday we had a whirlwind birthday dinner for my brother. He got a new camera.

Maybe now he’ll update his blog every once in a while.

I was on a total roll mocking my family. I was unstoppable. Inexhaustible. I was delirious with mocking.

Fortunately for them, they all had places to run off to. Jeff, however, had to put up with me & go through the trauma of introducing me to his friends. (I’m so embarrassing to take out in public – the heavy drinking, the karaoke – I just couldn’t be stopped.) Fortunately, we all emerged unscathed. It was a close call there.**

*Strictly Ballroom

**This is a 99% inaccurate description of the evening.