Yesterday a little puppy came into our lives. It was so fulfilling. We bounced her on our knees and sang songs to her and coddled her.

What actually happened is that the most adorable Jack Russell followed Mollie & my mom & me home from a walk. My mom & I have a fondness for terriers (in as much as I can be said to have a fondness for any dog) due to our ownership of the dearly departed Max some years ago.

Kate immediately scooped the little collarless darling into her arms, at which point all hell broke loose in Mollie’s eyes. She turned into the maiden aunt, the spinster who doesn’t like small children, who surveys them from her vantage point of many dog years and says in ladylike tones, “In my day, a puppy knew how to behave herself.”

Mollie was also, unfortunately, prone to snapping at the little one, spurning her own food dish in favor of the puppy’s, and throwing herself into the farthest corner with a look of utter scorn and resentment.

So Kate & I took steps to track down the owner, out of respect for Mollie’s long-term sanity. She posted a found pet entry on the humane society website, and I posted one on petfinder. Eventually Kate took her to the vet to see if she had a chip, which lo and behold she did. And the night-shift working owner lives only a block away. We turned the little one over to the neighbor with a key, rolled our eyes, and walked home.

BUT, this morning I find a delightful email waiting for me, from someone who found my email address on petfinder and apparently can’t read. I do love me up some entertaining spam. I here reproduce it entirely for you:

I am interested in the purchase of your pet posted on which i
will like to buy and i will also like to know if you would be able to wire
the excess fund to my cousin who want to do a pregnancy opreation which i
will send you my companys check if you agree to this i will want you to get
back to me with the total cost of the order your full name and address and
your contact phone number. mail me directly at

Sounds like a great offer, eh?