Today I am torn between catching up on the blogs I haven’t been reading over the past couple days (people! slow down! 126 new feeds on bloglines? this is out of control) and just spewing out a post myself. Oh, and finishing up Summerland, which, a coworker and I decided, is the perfect children’s book for adults. I’m at the part where the Shadowtails are playing a game of baseball against the Big Liars (all your favorite tall tale characters) in an effort to prevent the end of the world. Can you resist a book with characters named Mooseknuckle John and Taffy the Sasquatch? Maybe, but it’s not worth it.

Yesterday I visited Q & M & Katy and helped polish off Q’s birthday cake (wheat free, dairy free, sweetened with maple syrup, and all Q wants to eat these days) and listened to Q read me The Very Hungry Caterpillar. She’s got it down. I’m so proud (sniff).

I’m losing my sense of what day it is, I’m impatient for the blueberries to ripen, I want to keep Kate’s bridal shower gift for myself, I really really want to go to the coast, and I wish I weren’t out of bacon. I’ve maxed out my holds at the library (which takes some doing, since we get more than twice as many as the normal patron) with things I don’t have time to read. But people keep recommending things! And new things keep getting published! And people are horrified to discover that I never read Judy Blume! And I need to read a lot now before I go back to school! Also, I’m having trouble getting myself off the couch. And I’d like to snack on this baby for lunch.