Apparently, I am a snob. Some of you will be rolling your eyes, thinking “of course she is, has it taken her this long to figure it out?” I’ve known for a while, but it really hit home yesterday when I turned up my nose at margarine and instant oatmeal. But, I’m not a snob just for the sake of being a snob. I’m not the kind of snob who insists on best quality, unsalted, etc. butter. But, I do insist on butter (okay, I put margarine on my bagel. I was desperate). I have standards.

Butter. No margarine. I need butterfat on my toast, not oil.

Raw Milk. I drink raw milk by the glass, but I can’t imagine drinking a glass of pasteurized. I could use it on cereal, I suppose, but I don’t eat much cereal these days.

Coffee. Strong. Half & half or cream. I could be worse on this. I might moan when I drink inferior weak ass coffee, but I’ll drink it in a pinch.

Oatmeal. Real oats. With raw milk on top.

Stamps. I judge people who pick out tacky, cheesy stamps. Harshly.

Bread. I get it from the bakery around the bakery around the corner.

Shoes. If you look uncomfortable when you walk, 99% of the time, something is wrong. Hideous sneakers are also not the answer, and should be worn only when exercising.

Books. You can imagine.

Tea. None of that fruity nonsense. With honey. Sugar in a pinch. Boiling water is essential. Tea should not come in contact with a microwave.