I’m going too long inbetween spurts of writing and it’s making me feel that Everything Must Have Significance. Whatever.

If you’re feeling nosy or know Kate or happened to be there, you can check out bridal shower photos on my flickr sidebar. I have to tell you about where we had the shower, because I’m having a serious case of house-lust.

Last year, a family at church bought a lovely historic home outside of Portland. They were just about to move in…when it burned down. (I think it was a freak accident.) So on the same spot they rebuilt almost the same house. The same look & feel & style, but, you know, better. Because now they don’t have to worry about old-house problems. And they have as much storage as they want. And modern bathrooms. And walk-in closets.

Plus, they happen to have just about perfect taste. If you’re anything like me, you love to look at houses. And think, “I would keep that, and repaint that, and move that, and wouldn’t it be better if there were a window right there?” I don’t think I would change a single thing in this house. Paint, furniture, artwork, layout. I want to move into their lovely cool blue guest room. Which I’m kicking myself for not taking pictures of when I had the chance.

Anyway, throwing a shower is simultaneously a Lot of Work and Not So Hard After All. Because you really just need guest, and food, and a location. Check, check, check.

In other news it is still HOT. I work in a warehouse where the air does not move. Where it is still unbearably hot when I leave work at 9:30. Fortunately I also spend some time in an air-conditioned office, but by that point I am already sticky with sweat. I swiped the spray bottle used to mist plants in the office and took it out into the oven with me, where the water quickly reached room temperature and I could barely feel it hitting the back of my neck. I’m thinking of patenting a thermos/spray bottle for situations like that. Something to keep the water icy cold.

Yesterday I mainly subsisted on popsicles and pudding pops. I got up early this morning in the hopes of Getting Things Done while it’s still cool, but I haven’t made it any further than my desk. Oh well.