I just got a call.

From a woman who’s known me since I was nine.

And I have a new job.

Which is a hell of a lot like my old job.

Same library.

Some of the same tasks.

But more money.

And responsibility.

And a different schedule.

I am now the proud owner of TWO WEEKENDS A MONTH.

If you’ve ever tried to plan anything with me, you might recall that I work every single Saturday. Half at one job, half at the other. And every other Sunday. Which makes for the classic thirteen day workweek. Have you ever tried it? It’s really something. But now, I am to be ushered into the world of One Sunday A Month at the Library. I’m still stuck with every other Saturday at corporate job. But may hell freeze over before they discover that the library doesn’t need me on Saturdays anymore, because before I could bat an eyelid, I’d be on the schedule for every Saturday.

Also, I’m going to the beach this Sunday. Let the wild rumpus begin.