Since my recent promotion at the library, I’ve been picking up some extra hours by covering my old schedule. I am both the old Aide I me and the new Aide II me. The director sees me and asks, “who are you right now?” The extra hours are handy, but the real reason I enjoy it is this:


3-D bug slideshows. I don’t get to see those when I’m upstairs in an office. But when I’m the old me? I get to put on a pair of 3-D glasses. I hand out summer reading certificates and free books.

Then I go to dinner and emerge from the breakroom as the new me. (I really should’ve brought a change of clothes, but I had a hard enough time getting dressed yesterday morning). The one who gets to go through adult fiction that hasn’t circulated in, oh, five years and see if anything’s worth keeping. I get to chuckle over the terrible author photos and the horrific plots and the dated covers. And every once in a while, in the middle of a flurry of deleted and cleaning out the system and making room on the shelves, I get to save something. But I have to admit that the deleted is awfully fun for a compulsive organizer like myself.

(Can you guys see the picture? Are things working as they should?)