In a few short hours I am away to Union Station (built in the Italian Renaissance style, did you know that?)  That might lead you to believe that I am taking a train somewhere.  No one is taking a train.  I am picking up my long-lost college roommate Laurel and we are hitting the road.  We are fleeing to the fair (or so I’ve heard) city of Bellingham for the first wedding of the season.

Lis and Tyler have only been dating for about ten years, so I’m a little worried that they don’t know each other well enough yet.  (Cue the sarcasm).  But seriously, it’s going to be a good party.  And warm me up for the other three weddings this month.

I’ve printed out directions, I’ve purchased snacks, I’ve filled up my gas tank (in tone 7).  Now I just need to take a shower and pack.  Bellingham is supposed to be a sweet 75 degrees over the weekend.  Let’s hit the road.

See you on Monday.