I’m not sure where to start with the wedding stories. It was certainly an, um, eventful weekend. There are the driving stories. The behind the scenes stories. The inside jokes. The time in the kitchen. The times we cried. The wedding itself.

I’ve known Lis for – is it really seven years? She and Tyler have been together for nine years. For those of you counting, that’s since the middle of high school. They went to separate colleges. They did the long-distance thing. Tyler has always been part of the equation for those of us who met Lis in college. And he’s always put up with us, God bless him. He can hang out with the girls, and he knows when to go stay with a friend and leave the apartment to us.

Tyler’s brother gave a toast at the wedding, saying that he’s known Lis and Tyler as a couple longer than he’s known Tyler by himself. That Lis has always been his example. That he’d meet a girl he liked and go home and tell his mom, “She’s just like Lis!”

So, you know, we pretty much started crying when Lis walked down the aisle.  We were out in the middle of nowhere north of Bellingham, at a place where they rent out an airplane hangar and let you do your food prep in the garage and get ready in the house.  The chairs were set up by a perfect Anne of Green Gables pond (at which Laurel and I later reenacted the “you may call me Cordelia” scene from Anne of Avonlea, complete with dancing.  We left Gil at home, though.)  Lis said that when she and her parents were leaving the house to walk down the aisle, she was afraid she was going to lose it.  Until her mom dropped something or lost a shoe and said, “oh shit.”  And then Lis laughed and knew she’d make it.

When they read their vows, Tyler had a lovely, eloquent statement that he carefully read.  And we all teared up (someone had to pass his mom a tissue).  Lis started out with, “Tyler, I’ve been wanting to marry you for a really long time.”  And we all laughed.

(Later, when I told Kate the story, she started crying.  “It’s just so wonderful…[sob] to hear about someone… [wipe eyes] getting married!”)

And then we ate and drank and danced and toasted our friends and sat in the sun.  And then, well, afterwards is a story for another time.