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This week’s theme is “strange things people accumulate.”  Only I don’t have swatches or salt & pepper shakers or matchbooks.  It was only when I looked at my desk, untouched since the great yard sale clean-out, that I realized what I do accumulate.  Postcards.  There, with the unframed prints and the extra matting and the Parcheesi board, were heaps of postcards.

The strange part is how many of them are unused. Only a handful have messages on the back. The bulk of them came from Bronwen, enclosed in letters (because a postcard never has quite enough room, but you still want the postcard image). Then come the ones that I bought but never sent. Then the used ones. A lot of them used to decorate my walls, college-style. (Not collage. College. As defined by a lack of money for proper framed art.) My fridge still has a healthy collection. I’ve framed a few of my favorites and theoretically I keep the rest to rotate through the frames.

But really? Postcards are for mailing. So I’m giving you a special one-time offer (with no expiration date). I will send a postcard to anyone who provides me with an address. Foreign or domestic, because I’m generous like that. You can express a preference, but no guarantees. Just email me at jessmonster at gmail dot com.