I’m working on the postcards. Some are in the mail. The others will be soon. I’m still taking requests if anyone wants one. Lazy Cow admitted that I’m the first blogger she’s given her address to. I feel honored. Also, it’s extremely unlikely that I’ll stalk her, since she lives in Australia and I don’t have the money for a plane ticket. Also, with the way air travel is going, I wouldn’t want to try it. I’d end up dehydrated and crazy from lack of entertainment in my non-existent carry-on luggage.

Time has suddenly started moving extremely quickly and the next two weeks will be a whirl of weddings, birthdays, receptions, batchelorette parties, dinners, and turmoil. I can’t keep track of days. I can’t seem to grocery shop for more than a day’s worth of food. I’m barely reading.
I’ve also been watching House. Call him if I start seizing (someone seizes in every single episode. Anyone else notice this?) I expect to be diagnosed with an incurable disease at any moment. It’s enjoyable, but it’s no Grey’s Anatomy.