Meg Rosoff (author of the I-recommended-it, why-haven’t-you-read-it-yet? How I Live Now) has an interview on in which she reveals her fondness for Kate Seredy’s The Good Master.  Which is a pretty sure-fire way to win me over, although in her case it’s unnecessary – I’m already won over.  And looking forward to the new one, Just In Case, which I have on hold.

The Good Master is one of those books that I haven’t read recently but I recall vividly as being childhood-shaping.  The petticoats, oh the petticoats.  I always wanted to move to Hungary so I could wear so many.  And sleeping on the stove.  Time for a reread, I suspect.  And I can’t believe I hadn’t noticed on my own that Rosoff borrowed a bit of the plot for How I Live Now.  Clever.