Oh Heavenly King (as Annie would say), I’m on vacation! It’s…indescribable. I had a weekend off. And yesterday, at a time of day when normally I would be shuffling a lot of paper and mentally cursing coworkers, I was eating dinner! And cleaning the fridge! And rearranging the art on my walls! And today? No work!

Please excuse all the exclamation points. This is a special time in my life. Normally I take my days off in snatches, one at a time. A Sunday here, a Saturday there.

Of course, the time is jam-packed. There are weddings (3), birthdays (2), rehearsals and rehearsal dinners (1 of each), and bachelorette parties (1), as well as things to pick up and things to drop off, flowers to pick, and pedicures to be had (that last one’s gonna be rough). But six whole days of No Work is pretty awesome.*

I even had time to finish another book, Libby Koponen’s Blow Out the Moon. Lovely. Nice chatty tone and an honest feel.

*Let’s ignore the fact that when most people get a “week of vacation,” that means two weekends and five workdays. I only get one weekend and four workdays. Eh.