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I have pictures, which I’m currently too lazy to upload, which would show you the fruits of my recent labors and prove to you have I have not been sitting around eating bonbons while I neglect my blog (actually, I have been sitting around eating Moonstruck chocolates (an assortment handpicked by Lis & Toni for my birthday) but that’s beside the point). What have I been doing, you ask?

1. Outfitting & riding my NEW BICYCLE. Yes, I’m a big girl now and get a grown-up bike. My dad and I were unloading it from his van, which was silly because the bike store is mere moments away but I did not own a helmet yet! And I’m damn wobbly and won’t be caught dead without my helmet. Anyway, this small boy rode by on his bike, with training wheels, and was impressed by my bike (because it’s awesome and red) and was even more impressed when I told him it was a birthday present. I like gifts that small children can be impressed by.

Anyway, then I tried riding to the library (for a retirement reception. Which I don’t believe, really, because she’s been there since I started going there as a mere kidling. And hired me) which is apparently a whole two miles away, which is mere piffle on a bike, except on the way home when you realize, oh yes, this is a slight incline and it is kicking my butt. Or rather, my leg muscles.

2. Painting my room a darling shade of light blue known as “fond farewell.” I am exceedingly fond of it and do not wish to bid it farewell any time soon.

3. Working on not going OCD batshit over the rest of the apartment.  Which consists entirely of furniture buried under moving boxes.  On top of a really dirty floor.  Which we were too busy to sweep before, and now there are just tiny exposed patches of filth.

4.  Working.  OF COURSE.

5.  Reading.  Happy All the Time, Defining Dulcie, Gaudy Night (on tape).  Oh how I love Gaudy Night.  Although it is currently in that slightly slow stretch of pure detection and poison pens and no Lord Peter, although he shall presently be called to the scene and the sexual tension will ensue.

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