I just read through the 1973 showdown between Eleanor Cameron and Roald Dahl on the Horn Book website (via Bookshelves of Doom), and from there I jumped to reading the old pronunciation guide to authors’ names by Jon Scieszka.

How do you pronounce the capital of South Dakota, Lane Smith? PEER

Can I buy you a drink, Esphyr Slobodkina? ken I bie u uh drink, es FEAR sloe BOD kin uh?

Do you mind if I smoke, Theodore Geisel? du yu mynd if I smoke, DAHK ter SOOS?

Okay, some of it is actually useful. I few I knew, but I appreciated Mr. Scieszka hammering home the point about his own name, because I had NO IDEA. I just don’t say a name out loud if I don’t know. I might have to print this out and tape it up in our children’s department…