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The countdown to grad school begins. It’s September, so people are starting to ask more. When do you start? And as I register for classes with names like “The Life Cycle of Information (And How It Will Put You To Sleep),” “Information Behavior,” and “Internet Technologies and Applications” – oh sweet fancy Moses, it makes my head hurt. My idea of internet technologies and applications is this. Blogging. I’m sure there will be interesting aspects to the classes, some redeeming value, but really, why am I going back to school? Oh yeah, because I’m addicted to the library.

Last night I was on my dinner hour, and I finished eating and was sitting there reading…and decided to go back to my desk 15 minutes early. What’s happening to me? Granted, part of the reason was so I could decorate my space.

Have I mentioned this? I have my own desk! Not quite my own office, but I was just upgraded last week and now have possession of a landing. Part of the library is an old house, and the offices are upstairs, with dark paneling and quirky closets and a view of the duck pond. And the landing? She is mine. The best part? One of my windows opens onto the roof of the newer building. Just in case, you know, I’m being chased by a library serial killer and need an escape route. It’s also handing for viewing lunar eclipses.

All will be well, all will be well. I just…won’t have any free time. Which will probably mean I’ll blog even more to give my brain a break.

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