It’s time for school. I ignored it over the weekend, and now here it is clamoring at the door. I’m eating oatmeal and drinking coffee and reading about “information-as-thing” (as opposed, naturally, to “information-as-process” and “information-as-knowledge.” Duh.)

But on a more serious note, here are my top five favorite things about being back in school (to think about when the homework gets me down):

1. That moment in class when my group created a diagram of the life cycle of information using the example of baking a cake, and finished our discussing by quoting Eliot and Auden (there were a couple of English majors in the group).

2. The OED online. Oh yeah. (I tend to get blank stares when I say things like that. Followed by, “what’s the OED?” Where do these people come from?)
3. Knowing 70 more people who don’t need an explanation of why you need a degree to be a proper librarian.

4. The fact that, someday soon, I’ll be required to read a hell of a lot of children’s books.

5. The fact that I only have to be in class a couple days a quarter. I guess this point could go either way, but at least it gives me the illusion that my time is still my own. Kind of.