The sweet freedom of a day stretching out in front of me. Full of school reading.  I want to surround myself with delightful fally foods, like sweet squash and pumpkin & banana muffins and roasted chicken.  Outside, a cat is trying to chase a squirrel up a telephone pole.  I’m reading about “America’s Love Affair with the Internet” and trying (unsuccessfully) to resist the siren call of my bookshelf.

Last night I stayed up past my bedtime to finish Dear Enemy (dear, dear enemy as it turns out).  The fact that I could see the resolution coming several miles away did nothing to detract from its entirely satisfying epistolary form.

*From Daniel Pinkwater’s Blue Moose, which our children’s librarian recommends as a cure for all that ails you.  I agree.  It’s also made me add clam chowder and gingerbread to my list of foods.  All I really want to do is cook and read.