I’m being a good girl and doing my school reading (Marcia Bates, The Invisible Substrate of Information Science) I find myself nearly weeping with laughter over my poor laptop.

Marcia is telling me that “one does not work long in information science without knowing the names Wilf Lancaster, Gerard Salton, and Llewellyn C. Puppybreath III.”

Needless to say, I’ve never heard these names (I guess I haven’t been around information science long enough) and I’m off to do a search on them (keeping in mind all my fresh understanding of the behind workings of search engines – God only knows how I survived so long without it!) But seriously, all you librarians out there – have you ever seen someone in the field name drop Mr. Puppybreath III with a straight face? I’m dying to know.

I also like the name Wilf Lancaster – sounds like the black sheep from the War of the Roses.

Edited to add: Ah, a sigh of relief. Marcia explains herself – Mr. Puppybreath, appropriately, is the result of a sense of humor. Sweet. He is the founding member and “information racketeer” of a group that spoofs papers. How do I apply for membership?