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Last night I sang myself to sleep (in my head, not out loud – I don’t want Kitri to move out before our lease is up) with another delightful song from my childhood – “Hurry, Hurry.”  Otherwise known as the “fat and furry song.”  Except I kept wanting to change the lyrics to “hurry, hurry, scurry, scurry” instead of four hurry’s in a row.  Um, yeah.  Breaking news, here!  Although I don’t particularly want to get fat & furry, especially since I’m not allowed to hibernate.  Would you like a piece of bacon?

I pulled myself out of bed this morning thinking, “I’ll get some school reading done before I go babysit.”  HA.  Instead I’ve emptied the dishwasher, tidied the kitchen, and made coffee, bacon & eggs.  And now I have a whole half hour to study…and instead I’m reading blogs.  And drinking coffee.

I’m actually not really babysitting.  Not in the “don’t hit your brother,” “yes, we can go to the park,” “no, you must wear a helmet” kind of way.   More in the “take four kids downtown to a ballet demonstration for kids while their moms stay home with the babies” kind of way.  Should be fun.

Or a total nightmare.

I was saying “no, sorry, I’m busy” until she mentioned it involved taking the older kids to the ballet.  And as Kitri received discovered, to her shock, I’m a sucker for the ballet.  I took lessons for almost ten years, for crying out loud.  (In exchange, I learned that Kitri once played in a bluegrass jam band.)

…jessmonster scurry scurries to get another cup of coffee…

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