From a Powell’s interview with Mo Willems:


Why do you write books for kids?
I write silly books for
people. It just happens to be that usually kids are the first people silly enough to enjoy them.

Or, you know, people like us. (You can’t tell me that you don’t think “Edwina, the Dinosaur Who Didn’t Know She Was Extinct” is funny. If you tell me that, I won’t be your friend anymore.)

I finished Octavian. What are you waiting for? I’m at my local yarn store/coffee shop (every neighborhood should have one) (ostensibly doing homework and “research” simultaneously) and I left the book at home or I’d be throwing some of my favorite lines at you. I must admit that the book completely won me over with the letters from Private Evidence Goring to his sister, Fruition. I chortled with joy. Not that the book as a whole is particularly joyful, but those letters are perfect. Now I want Volume 2.

I started listening to Broken For You on tape. I have to fight the urge to take long car rides just to listen. I listened to it while I baked an applesauce/pumpkin cake yesterday. It’s a perfect baking book.
Did I mention that I’m planning on taking a Young Adult Materials class next quarter? I am! O the joy! Books, real books, and the occasional break from theory!


It’s dangerous to sit with all this yarn in sight. The colors are intoxicating, and there are all these little sample knitting things that call out to me to replicate them. Patterned hats, and little felted leaves, and socks. Makes me want to have little Waldorfy children and teach them to knit recorder covers and stuffed mice and hats.