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Today in pictures, idea stolen from blackbird.

While I waited for daylight savings/non-daylight savings (whatever we’re in now) to adjust to what time I thought it should be, I read an old

Then I went to

(minus the snow and the whole being in Ukraine part).  Where I held a squirmy

and her silly goose sister

I had



for brunch, while listening to

After I tore myself away, I went to a couple different

but only for quick visits, to drop off due or overdue books.  Now I’m sitting on my

and thinking about

(minus the dog).

An extra hour. Or the idea of an extra hour. A rearranged hour. I spent mine reading a month-old New Yorker, because I was already up and dressed when I remembered. I was halfway through an article on Helen Mirren when it was really time to go church. How did you spend your hour?

5:30. Almost completely dark. Just a little blue left in the sky. It feels late. I don’t usually see the sunset – I’m shut up in a windowless room from 6:15-9:30 most nights – so it surprises me on the weekends. The whole gradually-getting-darker thing.

I can’t stop listening to Broken For You. I seem to put in a new tape every few minutes. I listened to it while I took a bath. While I made dinner. Curled up on the couch half-asleep over a cup of tea. Brunch. I’m also reading The Secret River, which is excellent, but in a way where I don’t identify with any of the characters particularly, and I sense an impending bleakness at all times. It never lifts, even in the lovely moments. I suppose that’s the point. I’m curious how it will all resolve.

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