Today is apparently the first day of something that has an acronym that’s a riff on NaNoWriMo (of which I’m a 2-time failed member – or was it 3 times?) that I can’t remember.  NaBloMoPo?  NaBlo something, for sure.  I’m too lazy to look it up.  I can’t help thinking of it as the lame and halt sibling to the real stuff, NaNo, but I have no desire to write (or try to write) a No this month.  But I’m already writing a Blo so I might as well do it everyday.  Principle of Least Effort.  My mind is already swimming from a day spend reading about something called metatheories.  It hurts.  I expect the next module to cover metametas.

I don’t know if you can truly say you’ve lived until you’ve heard David Sedaris’ impression of Billie Holiday singing ad jingles.

I keep thinking I’m late for work because the sun is setting, but no.  It’s just setting effing early.

See what happens?  I have nothing to say.  BloMo, phffft.