This morning I made some appallingly* healthy muffins.  They’re banana, and despite adding an extra banana, don’t really taste like banana.  There’s also a loaf (in the oven at time of photo shoot) to which I added some extra spices and a dash more of maple syrup and hopefully a bit more pizazz.  I’ve been in search of a muffin that’s both delicious and substantial and reasonably healthy – a good snack.  These aren’t it.

#1 They stick to the muffin cups.  Bad.

#2 Lacking in pizazz.

I was forced (forced, I tell you!) to drench them in butter and honey.  They were actually pretty tasty at that point (what isn’t tasty when covered in butter and honey?) but they persist in sticking to their liners.  Do they need more fat?  If I can get around the sticking, I’ll add them to my repertoire.  Call me crazy, but I love the whole wheat flavor.  It makes me feel virtuous.

Ooh, I bet they could use some lemon zest.  And a touch of applesauce.  And definitely more in the way of spices.
*Translated to mean: whole wheat flour.  Maple syrup instead of sugar.  Lacto-fermented.