This is what happens when you get off your second job of the day at 9:40pm.  You narrate your situation in the voice of Mr. Sedaris, noting your choice of dinner – leftover beans and rice with a pumpkin ale – and your peculiarities of habit.  You think about how those NaNo people have it easy because they can take a day off and catch up later, but us BloPo folks, we’ve got it tough.  We are here, day after day after day (for all three of them so far) and even if we don’t have anything to say, we keep going.

Okay, dinner awaits.  And ale.  And chocolate ice cream.  And The Remains of the Day, because Netflix hath sent it to my roommate and I forgot to pick out some movies at work today.*

Reading: Fly By Night.

Listening: Me Talk Pretty One Day.

*I love that I can combine career and movie browsing.  Reason #3,418 to work in a library.