I just finished the book that came before A True and Faithful Narrative and oh my, our vocabularies have dwindled since the 1670s, haven’t they? Just the everyday words. Oh, we are going downhill in a handbasket (to mix my metaphors). It’s a quick 140 pages, give At the Sign of the Star a try – it contains all the beauties of good historical fiction.

Now I feel like curling up with the Best Book I Haven’t Read Yet. I don’t know what it’s called, but I long for it like a desert land, trackless and waterless. (I also long for another cream cheese brownie and a good game of Scrabble.) Not to say that I don’t have twenty five items on hold at the library. Or a bookshelf full of things to be read. I just want the Perfect Book. Sign of the Star was the perfect appetizer. Now I’m ready for the main course. The table has been set, the fatted calf has been killed. Invite me over for dinner.