Oregon has a reputation for rain.  What a lot of people outside the state don’t realize is, Oregon gets a lot of drizzle.  A lot of low clouds.  A high chance of precipitation.  There’s a lot of not bothering to wear a raincoat or bring an umbrella, because rain never melted anyone.

But today is different.  Today is make a detour through the yard and around the Asian pear tree to avoid the small pond now stretching from the door to the car.  Today is stay in the left lane because it’s higher ground.  Today is expect to hydroplane at any moment, and feel shocked when you make it home in one piece.   Today is wish your windshield wipers had a higher setting.  Today is actually using the hood on your raincoat.

But it’s warm, like everything is about to mold.  The steering wheel is sticky with perspiration.  Instead of bundling up for warehouse work, using every available uniform layer, today is strip down to your shirtsleeves.  Some of my coworkers got stuck at the coast because of mudslides.  With only their uniforms to wear.

The horror.